Caddying For Beginners: The Basics Of Being A Golf Caddy

The Basics Of Being A Golf Caddy

From making sure the bag is stocked with balls and tees, to repairing divots and raking sand traps; a golf caddie does much more than just carry clubs for you. The caddy’s role is to bring added value for the golfer.

Knowledgeable About Golf

A caddy should know the scoring system and terminology of golf. For instance, they need to understand what it means when someone requests advice before hitting a shot because some players will ask their assistants on whether or not certain clubs are more appropriate for this situation than others; while others might just want general club distances information like how far is the distance of the hole from where the ball is.

Handling The Golf Clubs

Caddies are integral to the game of golf. Caddy duties include not just carrying clubs, but also handing over requested sets when your golfer is ready for action and putting away all their used equipment back into the bag.

Dress Appropriately

It’s not just the players who have to dress up for golf. You should also wear appropriate attire, such as a collared shirt and nice pants or skirt (or anything else that is classy). If you can, then some comfortable shoes will do nicely too. Some golf tournaments may also provide you with a uniform or a caddie bib to wear.

Be Sure To Keep Pace

No one wants to wait for their clubs when they’re ready, so keep up. You want them to stay close and match your golfer’s pace of play with some talking in between shots- but be aware that others don’t feel like getting caught up on every detail! Be mindful that it might be better if you take a step or two behind as opposed to too far ahead during these moments where players may not want any distractions from what’s happening around them.

Familiar With The Golf Course

If you’re going to caddy at a certain golf course in Las Vegas, it’s best not just to have some knowledge of the golf course but also where any hazards are like water or bunkers. You need to be aware of where the out-of-bounds markers are so if your golfer asks for advice on how to make a playable shot you can provide sufficient information that will help them along the way.

Be Careful Where You Stand

When a golfer is about to take their shot, you must stay out of sight and keep your movements slow. You don’t want them distracted by what’s going on around the green or any sudden motions from yourself; they should be focusing entirely on alignment for this moment.

Know When To Stop Talking

The caddy should remain quiet and unobtrusive unless your golfer engages them with conversation. Most golfers will talk to their caddy, but some just want time alone in which case they are happy for you to carry clubs or keep out of the way as needed.

Know The Distance

As a golf caddy, your job is to find out how far it is from the ball back to green. You can do this with an automatic range finder or by using landmarks and pacing off of those distances yourself. Once you determine that information for them (or tell them), they will be happy!

Keep Your Eye On The Golf Ball

It is always important to watch where your golfer’s ball goes after they hit it. Keep track of the location, you should be able to answer “Where’d that one go?” if he or she asks! You can use landmarks on course like a certain bush and tree to find out what happened with their shot more accurately than just guessing by looking around blindly at first glance.

Keep It Positive

Golf is a game of swings and misses. If you feel like your golfing partner may be struggling, try to keep their spirits up by giving them words of encouragement when necessary on the course – it will help the player stay focused in this stressful sport!

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