Golf Terminology For Beginners

golf terminology

Golf is a great sport, but it can be a little confusing for beginners. Here are some of the most common golf terminology that you may need to know as a beginner golfer: 

Basic Golf Terms


A hole in one.


A hole played three strokes under par.

Attend the flag

To remove and hold the flag while a player putts.


Short or medium shot to the putting green or pin.


The golfer whose ball is the farthest from the hole.


A shot where a steep slope is used to manipulate the speed or direction of the golf ball.


A slang term for a sand bunker.


One under par score on a hole.


One over par score on a hole.

Double Bogey

A score of two over par.


A long tee shot that is played with wood or driver.


A hole completed in two strokes under par.


A long stretch involving neatly maintained grass that runs between the green and the tee box.


A system that is used to rate the average number of strokes above par a player scores in a round of golf.


A term relating to a person who is not that good at playing golf.

Over Clubbing

Using a golf club to hit the ball farther than necessary.


Any type of shot that is taken by a putter when he or she is on the green.

Par or Out

A game where full handicaps are being used that involves golfers with low handicap is a par out.


Refers to flagstick.

Pin High

Describes the depth to which a player has placed his approach shot on the green.

Pitch Mark

Refers to the ball mark.

Primary Rough

The most dense or most dangerous rough for a golfer in the course.

Quail High

Refers to a very low trajectory shot.


This means to strike a pop-up in golf.


This is the completion of 18 holes of golf.


The path followed by a golf course from the first tee to its final green.

Sand Trap

A bunker in the course filled with sand.


To go through the stroke.

Target Line

The line of play or the line from the ball to its target.

Teeing Ground

The spot from where ta golfer starts playing for a hole.

Tee Time

The scheduled time to begin a round of golf.

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